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NOTE: Peter’s Personal Training has relocated to Santa Rosa, CA. Please contact me to learn more about Skype sessions if you live in San Diego.

Welcome to the back to basics approach, working with nature not against it. Peter is a highly accredited trainer with over ten years of experience helping people achieve amazing results. Regardless of your experience level Peter will show you the fastest route to the healthiest version of you possible. Peter focuses on real world functionality using a holistic approach to both nutrition and movement. Whether you are struggling with weight management, digestive issues or lack of motivation, Peter can help you. Peter offers one on one counseling for both exercise and nutrition, group classes and corporate wellness programs. Peter’s extensive research and knowledge of health and the human body has assisted hundreds of people in reaching their goals.

“Peter is the most knowledgeable and thorough trainer I have ever had.  As a lifelong dancer and fitness enthusiast, I have been to many different gyms and worked with many trainers.  I can honestly say Peter is the best!” – Wendy Moore

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