Welcome to the back to basics approach, working with nature not against it. I am a highly accredited personal trainer with over ten years of experience helping people achieve amazing results. Regardless of your experience level I will show you the fastest route to the healthiest version of you possible. I focus on real world functionality using a holistic approach to both nutrition and movement. 

Being healthy demands a certain level of strength, postural alignment, the ability to do many different things simultaneously and interact with the world around you. In a world of chaos, your body will have to gracefully; squat, bend, lunge, twist, push, pull and perform variations of gait. Applying the teachings of masters from throughout the centuries, you will learn breathing from the ancient martial arts, resistance training from Russia and flexibility and mind-body awareness of yogis. First we will perfect the basics of functional lifting, and then build off these basics to take your training, strength and confidence to the next level.

Kettlebell Training uses weight to perform exercises which combine cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. Unlike traditional dumbbells, a kettlebell’s center mass is extended beyond the hand which facilitates a swinging and ballistic movement. Kettlebell training begins with learning what you have heard all your life, “Lift with your legs, not with your back” and then goes on to show you how many different ways you can use this basic concept. Through many natural movement patterns you will learn to use your body instead of a machine.

I also provide a very simple and honest, yet extremely effective teaching about healthy eating, it consists of eating the right whole foods for your individual needs emphasizing quality, not quantity. I don’t sell any products, I help people make healthy eating a part of their daily life. I will help you understand why things you tried in the past didn’t work and identify what it is you are currently doing that may not be working either.

“What Peter has done for my health, self-esteem, and confidence is priceless. I simply cannot thank him enough.”

-Simona Vackova


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Located in Carlsbad, CA I am a nationally certified personal trainer with over ten years of experience. Extremely passionate, highly experienced, knowledgeable and a relentless student, I have dedicated my life to the enrichment and well-being of others. Your path to health isn’t going to be the same as everyone else’s and I recognize that. My mental preparation for each session is based upon the idea that each client will direct the session with their unique needs and abilities. Even day to day, my clients are capable of different things based upon many factors, including quality of diet, rest, other activities and exercise.

I started as an athlete at eight years old doing cross country running, by twelve years old I started Tae Kwon Do and began learning then what, little did I know, would be a deeply integral part of my life’s work. Among many other things, I utilize the teachings of breath derived from ancient martial arts. Deep breathing is essential in your daily life, and serves a significant role in safety when you are exerting yourself physically. I began endurance cycling at the age of 20, and learned how to work through hours of grinding through the elements, grueling hill climbs, and the feeling of freedom that comes from breaking down your own impossibility walls. My experiences on the bicycle, lead to helping others through charity bike rides and ultimately drove me to teach health professionally. I also practiced a western concept of weight lifting referred to as “bodybuilding”, focusing on muscle as opposed to movement. I rarely found I was benefiting appropriately or enjoying my bodybuilding practice, and soon decided to seek out kettlebell and functional movement masters. I found a practice that was more in sync with my history in martial arts and overall philosophy of movement, strength and posture.

I challenged myself to learn and directly experience the kettlebell, or Girya, with such detail and dedication that I would feel comfortable directing my own mentors without hesitation. I practiced every movement ten thousand times before teaching it once. I learned from people with varying views within the same teaching, so I could always observe every angle possible, as objectively as possible. I have now been using and teaching kettlebells, functional movement and calisthenics for over ten years, I’m still learning and more passionate about helping my community and the world than ever.

In addition to learning kettlebells and functional movement I learned in depth what could best be described as holistic nutrition. A natural and simple approach to eating right that doesn’t have to be a stressful diet but instead should be an enjoyable lifestyle. That said, I often find I make very significant changes in how my clients view and consume food, and as a result, they see significant changes. I don’t teach calorie counting, quality is infinitely more important than quantity, I will show you how to achieve health in a way you never thought possible with some very simple principles. My active social networking sites are a community of people that have, and are walking the same path, helping, encouraging and inspiring each other.

I have hosted several classes across the country on everything from pelvic floor function to cholesterol, eating right, and self myofascial release. My career as a personal trainer is more than just a job it is a passion. I encourage my clients to eat, move and be healthy the same way I live my own life, as one of my dearest mentors notes “You can’t give what you don’t have” Training with me will be a completely different experience than you have ever had with any other trainer.

I am certified by NASM , NCSF, TRX, APEX, hold an Olympic Tae Kwon Do red belt, and have CPR and first aid certifications. Moreover, I have become a pupil of many renowned masters, including Paul Chek, Pavel Tsatsouline, Valerie Fedorenko, Weston A Price and Albert Einstein. I continue to study relentlessly to uncover the most effective methods for achieving health, strength and alignment from numerous great minds.


One On One

Get the full benefit of training with Peter in his individual sessions that are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Couples Sessions

Bring your partner along and get in some quality time together as well as a great workout that your body will appreciate.

Group Workouts

Split the cost and share the fun with a group of 3 or more people

Nutrition Counseling

Meet with Peter and let him coach you through your nutritional goals and needs for your unique biology

  • “I never had success with kettlebells in the past, and now I’m addicted. I also enjoy the variety in Peter’s workouts. I recommend Peter for people in any stage of their fitness development from the beginner to the elite athlete, and I know he has the ability to adapt his methods for each person. He’s a true professional and guru for truly healthful living.”

  • “After training with Peter now over 6 months I have to say that I have made tremendous changes in my life. I have lost over 15 lbs and my body has become really strong and powerful.”

  • “I have been training with Peter for the past several months.  His training services differ from most trainers in that he promotes and teaches overall health in his students. I highly recommend Peter as a personal trainer regardless of your current health level. You can trust that Peter has your complete health in mind and knows the best way to achieve it.”




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