You can’t live more than five days without it, and your body is made up of approximately two thirds of it. Among many life supporting functions, water is responsible for the elimination of waste from your body, sustained weightloss cannot happen without adequate detoxification, and neither can optimum health.

I have a pretty slow-pouring spout on my five gallon bottle of drinking water from which I fill every kettle and bottle that I drink from and pan that I cook with. At times I have become impatient waiting for the water to pour the seemingly endless gallon of water I was inevitably about to drink while training my shift of morning clients. As the water poured, I would be thinking the whole time “I could be doing x-y-z right now”. After a few months of this, I started watching the water pour into the gallon bottle, seeing the purity that was about to be me. I became immensly appreciateive that I was able to cleanse my body this way, and that I had access to such good quality water. I decided never again to take this moment for granted, and with all of my experience studying health, I should always know better. So now I have a question for you, where do you get your water?

Do you stay hydrated from soda or energy drinks? Canned or bottled teas or coffee? Even tea or coffee in its purest form isn’t going to help you detoxify. Your food is also a source of hydration, but not one that will help you eliminate toxins through your urine, stool and perspiration. Drinking clean water is vital to your health, longevity, quality of life, and weight management. Store bought sodas, juices and teas are some of the worst things for your health.

Drink one half of an ounce of clean water for every pound of body weight daily.

If you perspire heavily (like me) you will need to increase the your intake of water on highly active or humid days.

What is clean water? Here’s my recommendation: Find an artesian well water source nearby and fill your own glass bottles every so often. An artesian well water is filtered by the ground and therefore is far less likely to contain potentially harmful contaminants. Not to mention artesian well water has not lost it’s minerals and maintains it’s amazingly pure taste. I personally get my water at Carlsbad Alkaline Water. Tap water can be filtered, and if you own your home, some high quality filters can be installed to provide excellent drinking water out of your tap. San Diego Pure Water is a great company for in home water filters.

Removing any chlorine from the tap water is a good idea, it can kill the bacteria in your stomach that helps you digest food. I also suggest filtering out all of the fluoride, there is very flimsy evidence to suggest that fluoride is beneficial and a greater amount of evidence suggesting it is harmful. For optimal health I do not recomeend the use of chlorine or fluoride in your drinking water. In addition to various heavy metals, another drawback of tap water is that it contains trace pharmeceuticals, in other words, prescription drugs that don’t biodegrade. Statins to inhibit healthy cholestorol production, estrogen, and other synthetic hormones in birth control, streoids and the like.

I recommend glass bottles either three or five gallon, depending upon how far you have to carry them. The more you invest in bottles the less frequent your trips to the vendor. If you are buying new bottles remember, even the “BPA free” version of the plastic bottles only last eighteen months before manufacturer recommended replacement so get glass bottles for the long term investment.

Avoid bottled water, but if you have no other choice go for the ones that are bottled at the source of an artesian well. It is true that Aquafina, Dasani, and Nestle are all filtered tap water, but with even fewer regulations. I also do not recommend reverse osmosis, as it concentrates all of the toxins into the wastewater, which is about 14 gallons of waste for every one gallon of drinking water, and also lacks the trace minerals that you need in your water.

If this sounds like a big change for you, or a little extreme, remember I pay attention to the tiny details that really aren’t details at all. Healthy drinking water is a must for weight loss, quality of life, health and longevity.