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The majority of people that come work with me want to lose weight. I know there are so many different tips and plans out there today that try and guide people towards weight loss. Unfortunately, the truth to losing weight and being healthy is often buried beneath FAD diets and new products. These tips are important to remember and keep in mind for weight loss and overall health. Enjoy!

1) Avoid grain with gluten, sugar, and commercialy sourced dairy of any kind.

2) Cook your own meals from organic whole foods.

3) Preparation begins at the grocery store, farmers market or better yet, back yard garden!

4) Disregard the calories completely, regard only the quality and type of food.

5) Drink half an ounce of artesian well/spring water for every pound of bodyweight daily.

6) Pay attention to foods that cause you indegestion or interrupt your sleep and avoid them.

7) Get seven and a half to eight hours of sleep every night.

8) Exercise regularly