Thank you for checking out my second installment of my nutrition blog. It’s hot here today and I’m very busy with clients, as always, reverting back to the basics to improve the more complex. I hope you are all able to experience the wonderful weather somehow, I am so grateful that my passion brings me outside into the sun for a few hours everyday.

Today I would like to go a little deeper into the blog I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding weight loss. I just don’t think reading the black and white is always enough. I don’t give this advice becuase I read it in a Men’s Health magazine. The fact is, I’ve tried calorie restriction to help my clients lose weight and the results were always fast at first, with a serious and sudden plateu, and usually weight gain shortly after. This occured regardless of their high activity level when restricting calories but still eating the wrong foods!

The reason my calorie restricted clients lost weight in the first place was because they started putting less inflamatory foods into their body, causing less inflamation leading to weight loss. Not because they were burning more calories than they were consuming.

This is because they naturally became more aware of what they were eating, and therefore the quality of their food slightly increased. Another factor is their overall food consumption decreased, lessening the overall intake of inflammatory food.

Please believe me when I tell you weight management and health in general is about the quality of the food you eat and has very little to do with the quantity!

Let me clarify my position on something else too. I am not a meat junkie, I don’t think everyone should walk around with wild elk jerky in their hands. My underlying philosophy to everything I teach about health is this:

Do what is in sync with your unique biology.

No ones’ biology is exactly the same, you have to listen to your body and do the things that work best for you. Metabolic typing tests can help you to determine the best foods for you, remember though, if you are making changes in your diet you should retest every two or three months. Click Here to take a metabolic typing test and see what foods are in sync with your biology.

A few examples on what foods are not in sync with anyones’ biology:

* Processed non foods
* Refined sugar.
* All commercially sourced grain.
* All commercially sourced meats.
* All commercially sourced dairy.
* Some commercially sourced fruit and vegetables.
* GMO.
* Excessive consumption of any one food.
* Restricting calories in order to lose weight.

What is in sync with your biology?

Depending upon where your ancestors lived, a natural balance of:

* Organic whole foods.
* Foods that lived only because they were in sync with their own biology, and therfore in sync with the biology of the entire food chain.
* Meat with fat, depending upon geography.
* A huge variety of fruit and vegetables, depending upon geography.
* Clean drinking water

I have worked with countless people, heard countless horror stories, and seen unbelievable changes. I wouldn’t take the time to write this information for you if I wasn’t positive that it’s the fastest way to see amazing results and keep it that way!

If you are willing to humor me, and if you find yourself now or ever in a position where you would like to lose weight, just take two weeks and see what happens. Two weeks of avoiding anything on the “Out of sync” list and see for yourself. Better yet, take a month. The weight will fall off so easily you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t taught this stuff in third grade like I do.

Thank you for reading!

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Peter Hirsh