I always find myself reminding my clients, and even myself from time to time, to keep it simple. When it comes to health, less usually is more. When training clients, and in my own practice, I frequently work only two “big bang” exercises in a session. This list of nine of the most positively impactful exercises could give you plateu-free gains for years.

1) Deadlift. Without question, the most important lift you will perform. Nothing will give you better results.

2) Pushup. There are so many variations of this beautifully simple exercise, it really is for everyone!

3) Lunge. This movement correlates to real world events and works hip flexibility and balance.

4) Standing overhead press. Russian strong men said this was the only lift you needed for upper body strength.

5) Pullup. Like the pushup, there’s a pullup progression out there for everyone. Sweet and simple.

6) Kettlebell swing. Power meets endurance and fine technique. The kettlebell swing does it all, in less time.

7) Overhead squat. Hip and shoulder flexibility and total body awareness. Increase depth slowly over time.

8) Turkish Get-Up. Teaching your nervous system “neutral” through a complex set of motor patterns. This will help neautralize your posture all day long, in addition to benefiting all of your other lifts.

9) Kettlebell Snatch. A full body explosive technique that will test your mind, flexibility, muscle and character.