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Located in Santa Rosa, CA Peter is nationally certified personal trainer and health coach with over ten years of experience. Peter is extremely passionate, highly experienced, knowledgeable and a relentless student. He has dedicated his life to the enrichment and well being of others. Your path to health isn’t going to be the same as everyone else’s and Peter recognizes that. His mental preparation for each session is based upon the idea that each client will direct the session with their unique needs and abilities. 

Peter is a contributor to the publication Paleo Magazine, in addition to writing contributions for Whole9, Paleo Leap, Paleo Mom, Breaking Muscle, Rubies and Radishes and others. He is the founder of Kettlebell Movement, a web based resource for authentic kettlebell training. When Peter isn’t training clients he is sharing his decade of experience through videos and writing with as many people as possible.

A Message From Peter

“I started as an athlete at eight years old with cross country running, by twelve years old I started Tae Kwon Do and began learning what would be a deeply integral part of my life’s work. I began endurance cycling at the age of 20 and learned how to work through hours of grinding through the elements, grueling hill climbs and the feeling of freedom that comes from breaking down your own impossibility walls. My experiences on the bicycle lead to helping others through charity bike rides and ultimately drove me to teach health professionally.

In the beginning of my fitness career I worked in major chain gyms first as a personal trainer and then a fitness manager. There I was taught and practiced a western concept of weight lifting referred to as “bodybuilding.” This focused on muscle as opposed to movement. I soon found that my clients were not benefiting appropriately or enjoying this way of exercise. I decided to seek out kettlebell and functional movement masters. I quickly found that this practice was more in sync with my history in martial arts and overall philosophy of movement, strength and posture. I challenged myself to learn and directly experience the kettlebell with such detail and dedication that I would feel comfortable directing my own mentors without hesitation. I practiced every movement ten thousand times before teaching it once. I learned from people with varying views within the same teaching so I could always observe every angle possible, as objectively as possible.

I have now been using and teaching kettlebells, functional movement and calisthenics for over ten years. I’m more passionate about helping my community and the world than ever. I have hosted several classes across the country on everything from pelvic floor function to cholesterol, eating right and self myofascial release. My career as a health coach is more than just a job, it’s a passion. I encourage my clients to eat, move and be healthy the same way I live my own life. As one of my dearest mentors notes, “you can’t give what you don’t have.” Training with me will be a completely different experience than you have ever had with any other trainer.

I am certified by NASM , NCSF, TRX, APEX, hold an Olympic Tae Kwon Do red belt, and have CPR and first aid certifications. Moreover, I have become a pupil of many renowned masters, including Paul Chek, Pavel Tsatsouline, Valerie Fedorenko, Weston A Price and Albert Einstein. I continue to study relentlessly to uncover the most effective methods for achieving health, strength, and alignment from numerous great minds.” 

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