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The approach

When working with clients Peter chooses to work with nature, not against it. This means he will help you find the best way to eat and move that works for your unique body. Peter has been training and working with clients for over ten years and in this time has learned what works and what doesn’t. Peter began his career working in a large chain gym as a fitness manager and quickly learned a lot of the approaches being offered to people today are not working and are in fact harmful. Peter doesn’t sell any products, magic pills or quick fixes, he simply teaches you how to be healthy on every level. Being healthy brings with it many benefits and he will show you how to get there. Peter’s goal is to teach you how to implement health in to your lifestyle for the long term.


Being healthy demands a certain level of strength and postural alignment to interact with the world around you. In Peter’s one on one and group training he combines and applies the teachings of many masters including breathing from the ancient martial arts, resistance training from Russia and flexibility/mind-body awareness of yogis. The training he provides utilizes many different pieces of equipment including kettlebells, calisthenics, balance trainers and resistance bands. Peter’s goal is to help you develop real world strength through functional exercise. Peter won’t teach you how to use a machine but instead he will teach you how to use your body. Say goodbye to dreading your workouts and get ready to be in the best shape of your life and enjoy it at the same time!


Peter provides very simple and honest, yet extremely effective, nutrition counseling. His philosophy consists of eating the right whole foods for your individual needs. Peter emphasizes the quality rather than the quantity of your food and he doesn’t sell any products or encourage calorie counting. Instead, Peter guides people in making healthy eating a part of their daily life. Peter can help you understand why certain diets and changes have never worked for you by showing you what your individual body needs. Nutrition plays a huge role in weight management and is often times the missing puzzle piece in people’s health and weight loss. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be miserable. Through proper counseling and educating Peter will help you make long term changes that work.

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