1) Overweight people aren’t fat, they’re inflamed and toxic from intolerances to bad food. Weight loss is all about quality and not about quantity of food.

2) Strength isn’t primarily in the muscle, it’s in the nervous system. After range of motion, muscle tension is the third contributor to your bodies’ functional capabilities.

3) Flexibility isn’t primarily in the muscle, it is in the nervous system. In order to gain flexibility, one must teach the nervous system how to be strong within a desired range of motion.

4) Training muscle isolation develops useless strength. In real world events, the nervous system will slam on the brakes when it realizes the stabilizers aren’t up to the task.

5) High quality dietary fat will not make you gain weight, and isn’t the cause of cardiovascular problems or stroke. Sugar and processed non-foods are the villains.

6) The problem isn’t where the pain is. Plantar fascitis, chronic back pain, knee pain, tight neck or pinchy shoulders. These problems come from elswhere in your kinetic chain, usually from dysfunction in the pelvic floor.

7) A process oriented approach to your health and fitness is far more beneficial than a goal oriented approach. Love your practice or practices, whatever they may be.

8) Stress is a good thing that makes you stronger, but only if you are able to rest and recover. Adding stress to more stress without the rest is called distress, take the time to relax now, or wait until you have no choice.

9) The top of the totem pole is spiritual well being, all of your other systems depend on it. Cultivate unconditional love and watch your deadlift improve!

10) Holism, or holistic means seeing everything as an integrated part of a whole. Every aspect of your health should be viewed and treated this way, including the environment and human interaction.