I want to help you make some real changes, and I think sometimes practical advice is the only way to go.

1) I always talk about the quality of your food as being of the upmost importance. If spending a little extra money at the grocery store is holding you back from buying organic, then try your local farmer’s market. You will save money by shopping at a farmers market, and if you minimize eating out, you will probably end up spending less. Growing vegetables at home is another great idea.

2) Prepare! Keep good food in your refigerator so you are less inclined to make a bad, hasty decision. I keep fruit around just in case I get a sweet tooth. Learn how to make a few tasty foods that don’t take long to cook, thin slicing and grilling meat works great.

3) Eat before you leave the house, one of the biggest problems I hear from clients is having to eat out. Honestly, it is very difficult to see good results as long as you are eating out. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have a few local restaraunts scouted out that you know have healthy options just in case.

4) You have to love your physical practice, whatever it is. The reason I practice and teach kettlebells is because it is an artform that you can enjoy every moment of. It seems to me people lose interest in exercise when they are doing it out of a sence of obligation to their health. Even if they keep it up they don’t see the same results as someone who is excited to learn and push through their bodies limitations.

5) Stay process oriented. People who are focused on thier goals and not enjoying the process tend to fluctuate the most. You don’t go on a diet, you have a diet. Don’t count every pound to your goal and then once you get there, fall back into the old habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. Instead, act as though you already are the reflection of the good habits you are adopting.

6) Have patience. Not necassarily with your results, but with yourself. There’s no need to make radical changes right away in order to see immediate results. It is best to make small but significant changes and develop habits over time. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting a different result. Remember, the results you see will be a reflection of the changes you make.

My intention isn’t to make everyone train in exactly the same way that I do, my goal is to help people find the path of least resistance to achieving their goal. Everyone will have a diffent journey because we are all so unique. In a hectic world, walking that path can be difficult because we are constantly being pulled in different directions. Find the things that are practical for you, in your unique situation.

Thank you for reading,
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