We are on our final day of our trip to England and I am going to spend an hour sharing ideas on staying healthy when you travel. The purpose of this trip was strictly pleasure, a chance to bond with family and meet for the first time my four month old nephew, Hugo. I was also extremely lucky to be able to spend my time with the love of my life, Emily, or as far as Hugo is concerned, “Aunt Babber”. Traveling with someone with whom you can share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences is wonderful. The following ideas are things that I have personally done during my trip to maintain the energy and health that I enjoy at home.

Walk. Exploring London by tube train is the normal routine in England, from London Bridge to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace to Knightsbridge. I recommend walking as much as you can, not just for calorie burning and staying active, but also for absorbing the culture. I can’t help but think that we wouldn’t have had the same experiences had we not chosen to walk across London. We also saved money, the tube isn’t as cheap as it was when I was twelve – big suprise!

Calysthenics. There are so many simple exercises you can do to stay limber and give you a feeling of staying in your exercise routine. Most of the houses in England have two floors, and the house we have been staying in is no exception. I have found a great place to do pullups in the stairway, and elevating my feet on the staircase for pushups. This has allowed me to do a shorter set of pushups by increasing the difficulty, cutting down on the time needed to get the benefit. Wherever you are, use your surroundings for step ups, assisted pushups and pullups or whatever works for you. Lunges, squats, and floor based exercises can be performed just about anywhere.

Eating. It is important both from a health and a cultural perspective to learn how to go with the flow when you travel. Every country has different traditions and perspectives on nutrition that will no doubt throw a wrench in the works of your normal eating habits. Don’t resist these challenges, instead learn how to incorporate them into your exisitng dietary preferences. If you find yourself eating strange meats that you have never tried before in order to avoid the gluten or starchy foods that are offered as an alternative, think of it as a part of the experience. Feel free to immerse yourself in the culture and find ways to work with your biological strengths within the foods that are available. In England, genetically modified Foods are NOT legal, which makes me feel not just relieved but also optimistic for the future of the planet. I have had much less concern when eating meat also, because they don’t have CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) in England, allowing me to eat various meats without worrying as much about the source. In other parts of the world, you will find they eat foods that aren’t even consumed anywhere else, just take a moment to consider the source before eating them! It’s possible that grasshoppers in China are better for you than a lot of beef in America!

Relaxing. Vacation is a time to relax, and this is very beneficial to your health so don’t hesitate to endulge in some R&R! Often times our jobs, relationships, dietary habits, environment and even workout routine can add up to a significant accumulation of stress. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself traveling for pleasure rather than work, use the time to your advantage and relax for your health!

Relationships. Develop relationships if it’s possible in the area you plan on traveling to. I contacted Box Bell Fit a fantastic and well equipped kettlebell gym only six miles from my sister’s house, prior to my visit. All they asked of me was a fully refundable deposit for the equipment I borrowed while I was here. I was able to obtain a few kettlebells which was all I needed and also able to network and share ideas at the same time. I would like to thank Anna Plumridge for her generosity and can honestly recommend her to anyone traveling to or living in England for legitimate kettlebell training expertise. Take a moment before you travel to perform a quick internet search for gyms in your area that meet your needs. I know that I would be happy to help a fellow colleague or practitioner if they shared my ideals and asked for my help the way Box Bells helped me!

Staying on track while you travel is about preparation as well as going with the flow and relaxing. Neurotisism isn’t going to help you stay healthy, in fact it is a form of stress that is only going to diminish your enjoyment and diminish your experience of wherever you may be. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, try to stay relaxed and enjoy your experiences. As long as you are eating non-toxic foods and staying active, you should not have to worry about losing any progress you have made in your life.

Thank you for reading, your comments and questions are appreciated!

Love and Chi,